Rumour: Sony Plans To Launch High End Camera Accessories For Smart Phones

Sony High End Camera Lens Attachment
Sony High End Camera Lens Attachment

According to latest rumours, Sony is planning to launch high end camera accessories with built in imaging sensor for its smart phones. This bold move comes after being tired of trying to launch camera phones just for keeping up with the camera phones from other manufacturers. The rumour comes from SonyAlphaRumours and says the attachment accessory will be able to fit onto any smart phone.

The device has been already developed by Sony and is a full camera in a lens system. It is a high end lens with a built in sensor, battery and storage for keeping the photos if you don’t have a mobile phone. The device is said to be able to be used separately or with a smart phone. Also the device is capable of transmitting the captured images to the smart phone via NFC or even WiFi. Another outstanding feature of the attachment is, you will be able to see the live view images on your smart phone.

The rumour also says Sony is planning 2 such devices with one being a 1 inch 20.2MP Exmor R sensor with f/1.8 Zeiss lens which is the same one you would find in a Sony DSC-RX100M II camera. The other model is said to have a smaller sensor but with more optical zoom. I really think this is a bold and awesome move from Sony as the captured images using this would be of very good quality. Would you be interested in such a device? Anyway Sony wouldn’t find it too hard to sell the device unless it comes with a very huge price tag. Now the website which posted this says this rumour is most likely to be a legit one. So we do have something to look forward to. Let us know your thoughts by commenting below.

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