Sony PlayStation 4 surpassed 1 million sales in just 24 hours

Last week we reported about Sony saying they will sell 3 million PlayStation 4 consoles before the end of this year. It looks like Sony is off to an awesome start. According to Sony they have already managed to sell 1 million PlayStation 4s with in just 24 hours after its launch in US and Canada. The console will be launched in several other regions on this November 29th. Reaching 3 million won’t be a big deal for them considering the number of sales they got from just 2 countries.

PS4 was designed with an unwavering commitment to gamers, and we are thrilled that consumer reaction has been so phenomenal. Sales remain very strong in North America, and we expect continued enthusiasm as we launch the PlayStation 4 in Europe and Latin America on November 29.”

Andrew House, President and Group CEO, Sony Computer Entertainment.

This also makes Sony PlayStation 4 the fastest selling PlayStation console. The last one was the PS2 and the record came from Japan. Although Sony managed a good number of sales, a lot of customers are complaining about receiving bricked PS4s out of the box.

Source: Pocket Lint

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