Sony PlayStation to be available in China very soon

Sony PlayStation 4
Sony PlayStation 4

Sony has announced that they will soon be launching their gaming console PlayStation very soon in China. Sony is working with a local company called Shanghai Oriental Pearl Culture Development (OPCD in short) for introducing PlayStation in China market. Microsoft also had announced that they are bringing their latest gaming console XBox One and they are working with┬áChina’s BesTV for helping them with their endeavor. Now whats interesting is, the fact that both OPCD and BesTV are parts of the massive Shanghai Media Group.

The announcement suggests that there will be much lesser games and that too censored ones in the Chinese market. The announcement reads:

“will introduce quality, healthy games that are suitable to China’s national conditions and the preferences of domestic players, as according to the relevant government policies.”

So it is almost definite that they will be censoring the games, but we can hope they don’t do that. Anyway we will have to wait until the launch to know what they are actually plan on doing.

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