Sony PSN lawsuit is dismissed by judge

In the state of California, a judge has dismissed charges that plaintiffs bought against Sony. The list includes negligence, restitution and unjust enrichment in its handling of the PlayStation network breach last year. In the wake of the breach in April 2011, several lawsuits were filed against Sony as 75 million customers data was stolen in a breach.

Sony Playstation Network - PSN LogoOn Friday, Judge Anthony Battaglia of the US District Court in Southern California rules that one of the class action lawsuits brought against Sony is invalid.

When the attach happened back in 2011, over 75 million customer accounts of the Sony PlayStation Network were exposed after the company’s servers in San Diego were breached. After this initial finding, it was found that 25 million of Sony Online Entertainment was found to be compromised also. Information that was thought to be exposed containing names, emails, addresses, phone number and passwords whilst Sony maintains it stance that credit card data was not stolen during the attack.

Almost immediately after the company spoke of the breach, they came under fire for not alerting customers until several days after the breach and then, the affected services were taken offline for almost a month as a forensic investigation was underway.

The dismissed lawsuit was filed in June of last year and it alleged that Sony “failed to follow basic industry-standard protocols to safeguard its customers’ personal and financial information, thereby creating foreseeable harm and injury to the Plaintiff class.” Despite this, Battaglia ruled that the plaintiffs motives for going after Sony were unjustified. According to Courthouse News, Battaglia said that Sony was not in violation of California consumer-protection laws or guilty of bailment charges.

Additionally, Judge Battaglia stated that Sony could not be fully responsible for the attack, saying that “There is no such thing as perfect security”.

So what do you think about the judges stand on Sony PSN lawsuit ?

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