Sony reveals the new Android TVs

The technology industry constantly evolves and all the companies involved provide us with better and better products (smartphones, TVs, tablets etc) that make our life easier and add some fun to it.

Now there is one company that decided to take things a step further and combine Google’s operating system, the famous Android, with the existing technologies that have been developed for TVs. If you are the type of person that can’t get enough of new gadgets, and technology devices that help you with your daily activities then you’d be amazed by the results!

And to get to the point, Sony recently introduced to the world the new Android TVs. What impressed during the presentation was the experience of the user from the Smart TVs, that occurs from the successful combination of the Android TV and Sony’s One-Flick Entertainment technology, a very delicate design. A very positive feature that the Android TVs will have is going to be the HQ sound.

In more details, among the features of the new TVs that attracted the spotlights, we have the new X1 4K processor that provides an unbelievable colour purity and contrast in the image, the exceptionally thin (Ultra-Slim) design – at this point we should probably mention that the Android TVs are the thinnest TVs in the world – and the upgraded HQ sound that makes every detail noticeable.

Now, watching a movie, listening to some good music, viewing pictures of your favourite moments, playing games, or searching and using apps, is nothing more than an enjoyable experience through the Sony Android TV.

We might have mentioned it above, but the most important and interesting technical feature presented, was the X1 4K processor that provides incredible picture, no matter what you’re watching – 4K content, High Definition, Standard Definition, or even a low definition video from the Internet.

The powerful X1 chip is the key to all the dazzling 4K pictures.

And the news don’t stop here. Imagine all that you like on your tablet or your smartphone…well now you can do all of that on your big TV screen.

Use the Voice Control, through the embodied microphone on the full touch remote controller to search for content, ask questions and optimize your TV’s settings. Also, thanks to the Google Cast Ready technology, you can easily send content from your smartphone or your tablet, to you Sony Android TV.

If you haven’t tried it out yet, don’t waste any more time. It is absolutely an experience that anyone should have. Stay tuned for more product reviews and other hot technology topics!

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