Sony Smartwatch 2 Now Available in Europe, Dedicated App Launched

Sony Smartwatch 2 is now available in all over Europe. Smartwatches with rubber wrist band as well as metal wrist band are on sale. You can buy both from Sony Mobile Store UK. The metal wrist band variant will cost you £169.99 and £149.99 for the rubber wrist band variant. If you are to buy them from other countries in Europe the prices are a little bit different. The rubber wrist band SW2 will cost you €179 in Germany and €189 in France, Italy and Spain. Metal wrist band costs the same i.e. €199 in all regions except UK.

Sony has released a dedicated app for the Smartwatch 2 to help the customers for having a full on experience. The app is available in Google Play Store. This app helps you to see what app extensions are available on your Smartwatch 2 and how they are arranged. You will have to install Smart Connect before you can use this app.


Source: Xperia Blog

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