Sony Xperia Honami Teaser Image Leaked


Sony Xperia Announcement DateA new image which supposedly is the teaser image for Sony’s next flagship, Sony Xperia Honami has been leaked. One thing to note here is, if the leaked teaser image is real, all the previously leaked images which were said to be of Sony Xperia Honami will have to be fakes. The phone looks completely different from all the previously leaked pictures of Honami.

The device has round corners in the teaser image whereas the phone had sharp edges in the previously leaked images. Its either all of the previously leaked images are fake or this one is fake. We will have to wait until IFA 2013 Berlin where the phone is said to be unveiling. The latest leaked image shows a glimpse of the right side of the phone where you can see the power button and a flap which could be the volume rocker.

Here is the leaked image and the enlarged versions of the picture:


Source: Xperia Blog


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