Sony’s next-gen SmartWatch to include NFC

Sony SmartWatch

Sony’s rumored next-generation SmartWatch is real, and it will offer some very notable feature upgrades to the  current wearable tech offering by Sony, a source has confirmed to technology news site CNET.

The news of a new SmartWatch is not surprising, given that Sony has been  dropping hints all over their Twitter account which has all but confirmed a wristwatch-related announcement at the Mobile Asia Expo 2013 trade show, which runs from June 26 to 28. The new model will be a successor to the current Sony SmartWatch, which is currently available for around $100 if you’re feeling like buying yourself a smartwatch.

The source –who CNET states has provided accurate information on unannounced Sony products in the past — has hinted at some specific features which is said to be available on the new SmartWatch.

According to the source, the new SmartWatch will feature a larger screen, and will be minimally water-resistant. It will run on a version of the Android operating system, it will feature a capacitive touch screen, and it is  said to sport a three-icon layout below the screen itself (similar to what you would find on Sony Xperia smartphones).

Furthermore, the source also stated that the watch comes equipped with NFC for easy pairing with smartphones.


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