Sony’s PS4 Games Now Available For PC Users

Earlier this year, Sony had promised to feature a couple of PS4 titles in their cloud-based gaming streaming service, popularly known as PlayStation Now. PS Now is the gaming equivalent of Netflix. It’s where Sony packages the majority of their old gaming titles for streaming.

Yesterday, the company lived up to their promise by adding 20 PlayStation 4 titles to the PlayStation Now Library. And you can play all of the titles on this catalog either via PS4 or Windows PC with just a single subscription. You will certainly require a powerful gaming PC to make the most out of these games. And the good news is that even with less than $500, you can still lay your hands on quality gaming laptops.

Of all the gaming platforms available today, PC enjoys the widest range of gaming titles. However, there are a few titles only exclusive to consoles and other platforms and that has been their biggest selling point. But this won’t be going on for long because Sony has already opened the way for PC users to enjoy some of these exclusive titles.

Eric Lempel, PS’s Network boss noted that the company isn’t looking to debut any new content on the PS now platform. However, much as the games in the cloud-based service aren’t recent releases, Sony promises to add extra titles just as they often do with other monthly content updates.

It’s also clear that Sony did this to make the most out of their older games. Of course, it’s a move that will open another revenue stream for the company but on the other side, the move itself is bold and a sign of greater things to come for PC gamers.

Lempel also noted that the company is taking into consideration requests from users on other PC platforms, namely Linux and Apple’s MacOS. He mentioned that the company is exploring all the options available to ensure their content is available to a more wide audience.

The current collection on the PS Now service cuts across all the popular niches ranging from racing, action adventure, fighting to real-time strategy and more others. The titles include WWE 2K16, God of War 3 Remastered, F1 2015, Killzone Shadow Fall, just to name but a few.

Sony also mentioned that the cloud gaming platform now holds well over 500 titles. Earlier on, Sony had noted that on August 15, they will discontinuing the cloud-based service across multiple devices including PS3, PS Vita, Sony Blu-ray players, and Samsung and Sony Smart TVs. This is to allow more focus to be put on Windows PC and PlayStation 4.

If you haven’t yet had an encounter with this service, the company is currently offering a 7-day trial for your sake. And if you choose to go with the membership, you can take advantage of their $9.99 introductory offer which covers the first month and then $19.99/month thereafter or you could as well pay $99.9 for the entire year. You have until September 22 before this offer expires. Existing subscribers will continue to get new PS4 titles at no extra charge.