Southeast Asia is the new hot spot for Apple

Finally, Apple confirmed its plan to open a new store in Southeast Asia, which will be located in Singapore. This U.S based phone developing company is trying to take over the regions growing smartphone market.

The company started hiring employees to fill up its Singapore store, today Apple’s Senior Vice President of online and retail stores Angela Ahrendts stated that Apple is indeed coming to Singapore.

They have more than 900 highly trained employees who are working at their contact center and they are excited to start hiring the team which will open the first ever Apple store in Singapore. They said that Singapore is an incredible international city and also a great shopping place and they cannot wait to transport the experience, service and the entertainment that is loved by the Apple owners and customers all around the world.

Reuter stated that the renowned company is using renewable energy to power the whole operation in Singapore, a move we all saw in U.S, Europe and also in China.

Although Apple has not confirmed that when they will open the store and where in Singapore it will be located, but there have been rumors that the company has already bought a space in Knightsbridge. This prediction is according to the present tenants who are claiming that they are emptying the plot to make space for Apple Store.

At present Apple is using online stores and licensed third party retail partners to sell their products in Southeast Asia. Singapore is one of the greatest countries and a big tourist spot so Apple thought that it is logical to expand there. But it is not clear that if the company is planning to open other stores in other parts of Southeast Asia as it is already a focal point for Samsung and other smartphone companies from China like OnePlus and Xiaomi.

An analyst firm named IDC confirmed that, the sale of smartphones in Southeast Asia in the upcoming summer will grow by 66%, and they calculated the numbers by keeping in mind the 500 million population of Southeast Asia. The Southeast Asia is much more saturated than China and the west, which means that they have a great opportunity.

Although Apple does not have a store there, but the company’s products are seen as a premium brand by the customers of the region.

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