Spotify now has more than 75 million users

Spotify, the digital music delivery service (officially written in Wikipedia as “commercial music streaming, podcast and video service”), announced yesterday that the number of its members has reached the 75 million, just a few days after Apple announced the release of a pretty similar service, the Apple Music. As it is mentioned in the said announcement, 20 million out of the total 75 million members of Spotify, pay for the service as well as the additional streaming service.

That data reveal a significant increase to the number of users since its last report, on January – 60 million users, 15 millions of which were subscribers, meaning that they were paying for the service.

As The Guardian reports, the moment that Spotify chose to make this announcement was not random, as a few days earlier Apple revealed during the EEDC  its own new digital music delivery service, the Apple Music. At the presentation, Apple seemed assured that its new service will become a great and worthy opponent for Spotify.

The company wrote to its blog about the difference that a year can make and stated that a year ago there were 10 million subscribers and 40 million active members, while the matching numbers today – one year later – are 20 millions of subscribers and 75 millions of active members

According to the data, despite the increase to the number of members, more and more of them choose to pay the required amount to gain access to the whole collection of extra services has to offer. More specifically, in January, 25% of the users payed will now that number has gone up to 26.7%.

So Spotify seems to be going well despite Apple Music’s coming. However, Apple’s new music service is not the only competition that Spotify is getting lately. Some other competitive companies that provide similar services are Pandora, Deezer and Tidal. The last one in particular proved that, the music industry still offers a great deal of profit.

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