Sprint to “wait and see” on keeping BlackBerry’s in stock


It would seem that Sprint is not rushing to follow the steps of T-Mobile and kick BlackBerry out of their retail stores. America’s fourth largest carrier said that it would no longer stock BlackBerry handsets in its brick and mortar stores due to poor sales. They added that whilst one of each model will be kept in store for display purposes, customers who want a BlackBerry will have it shipped to them. Sprint said that fewer consumers are buying BlackBerry devices whilst businesses are making such decisions away from the store.

At Friday’s Goldman Sachs Communacopia conference, Sprint CFO Joe Euteneur said that he will take the more conservative “wait and see” approach before making a decision on keeping BlackBerry models in retail locations. The executive admitted that Sprint did not want to hurt businesses that buy BlackBerry handsets from Sprint.

Other carriers are still making decisions regarding BlackBerry. Verizon Communication CEO Lowell McAdam, said this past week that Verizon would continue to stock BlackBerry models in stores as long as customers wanted them to do so.

Source – Phone Arena

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