Start button to make a comeback in Windows 8.1

Microsoft recently released the first video advertisement recently and good news is on its way for you. The video ad is showing off Windows 8.1’s new features in 30 seconds. The company chose to remove the windows start button in its Windows 8 operating system for some reason and not everyone was happy for this change. A lot of people in fact complained about how they find it irritating not to have this feature. Anyway it seems like the team behind Windows 8.1 heard the unhappy customers and decided to include it AGAIN in their newest version of Windows 8.

The windows 8.1 start button does what we all hoped it would, it takes you a list of apps and it is shown in the video ad. There are a few other small changes in this upcoming version such as side by side snap view for apps, more title resizing options, SkyDrive integration throughout the operating system etc. If you are a Windows 8 owner you will have free access to Windows 8.1. Otherwise the normal version is going to cost you $119 and $199.99 for the PRo version of Windows 8.1. According to Microsoft, the roll out will begin by October and the devices with pre installed Windows 8.1 will be shipped starting from October 18th.

Here is the video ad of Windows 8.1 which shows off the new features including the Start Button:

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