Stock prices drops by the news of the lawsuit filed against GoPro

It is very hard to deny that the Hero4 Session of GoPro looks like a Cube. The problem is that these two cameras look the same, they are like twins who were separated at birth and they were raised by two different types of families.

The manufacturer of Polaroid Cube thinks the same as they filed a lawsuit for illegally acquiring the design. The Cube was released in the market in 2014 and C&A marketing acquired its patent in 2015, which is two months before the release of GoPro Hero4 Session.

GoPro is connected with cloning for many years as eBay and Amazon are filled with similar looking cameras which include GoPro Hero4 Session, where Sony, Garmin and all the other big companies have different designs for their action cameras.

GoPro CEO Nick Woodman said in a private launch party for the camera that GoPro has invested many years on the Hero4 Session.

If we look over the outside similarities, The Polaroid Cube and GoPro Hero4 Session have almost nothing in common. The Sessions video resolution and the frame rate is better than The Cube. The GoPro camera is waterproof whereas The Cube needs an extra case to survive in the waters. You can get The Cube for $99 and $150, but the price of GoPro Hero4 Session is $299.

GoPro CEO Nick Woodman said to us that The Session’s is not like the previous GoPro cameras, it is light weight, small in size and convenient. Then he was asked about the sell of the Session, in its response he said that it is going well and it is more than what they expected. The Hero4 Black and Silver is one of the best-selling cameras in the world.

C&A acquired the limited rights to sell Polaroid-branded cameras in 2009 followed by Polaroid’s bankruptcy.

The news of the lawsuit is affecting the stock price of GoPro, it is closing down 2% a day. They are going at 25.02 dollars a share, just above of its all-time low price of 24.84 dollars a share.

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