[HOW TO] How to stop spoilers

I’ve been in situations before where I’ve missed an episode of my favourite show and waltzed onto social media only to see it spoiled for me by those who have seen it. I’m pretty sure a lot of you reading this have also come across that same situation, its annoying isn’t it?

We all curse spoilers, we hate them. I like to think of them as the dark side of the internet, where they are indeed no cookies, just spoilers. The main sources of spoilers in today’s age though does indeed come from social media, and lo and behold, what do the majority of us use on a day-to-day basis? Today, I’m going to tell you how you can browse your favourite social media sites and still be kept blissfully in the dark regarding your favourite shows or sporting events.

We’re going to be looking at Silencer for Chrome, an extension which helps you avoid stumbling across those spoilers whilst on your desktop. For your smartphone, we have an app called Spoiler Shield, a free app for both iOS and Android which will block all mentions of your TV shows and sports on Facebook and Twitter.


Once you’ve opened up the app, Spoiler Shield will let you access your social feeds, acting a substitute to the official apps. You can still post tweets and status updates and view those from others just by scrolling down. All your posts from your news feed will still appear just like in the respective apps, with the only difference being that Spoiler Shield will block all mentions of the shows or games you blocked. To select the shows and games that you don’t want to see mentioned, swipe in from the left of the screen and navigate to the “Shields” screen.


The app allows you to select from a list of popular TV shows (The Walking Dead, WWE, Homeland and so on) and also from a list of popular sports (MLB, NBA, NFL). However, you must remember that the shows/sports you select will only be hidden within the Spoiler Shield app itself, this app does not modify the official Facebook/Twitter apps in anyway, and neither will it hide spoilers on their mobile websites should you use them.

Fancy living in a spoilerless world? You can grab Spoiler Shield for free on iOS/Android by clicking the links below.

 iOS Download

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