Synthetic skin printed in 3d for cosmetic testing

Things seem to have changed dramatically in the cosmetics industry by L’Oreal USA, which announced the beginning of an innovative collaboration with the 3D printing company, Organovo Holdings.

Through this cooperation the Organovo Holdings’ technology on 3D printed synthetic skin, will be put to test. The basic idea is that Organovo Holdings will provide the synthetic skin to L’Oreal USA that will use the skin for cosmetic testing.

Guive Balooch (vice president L’Oreal’s Technology Incubator) mentions: “We developed Technology Incubator to discover radical innovations to industries that have the potential to change the beauty industry. Organovo has expanded the possibilities of that industry with 3D printing and now strengthens L’Oreal’s research on synthetic skin for the last 30 years. Our collaboration with this company will brin new advanced in vitro methods for the valuation our products’ safety as well as their effectiveness”.

3D printing technology that Organovo provides allows the automated reproduction of living human tissue that mimics the shape and functions of our real body’s tissues.

It is worth noting that currently, L’Oreal is using human tissues gathered from volunteers or people who have gone under a plastic surgery. At the same time, Organovo Holdings is a company that in the last few years has provided the market with 3d printed human organs attracting the spotlights. In fact, last year the company stated that they had available a 3d printed liver something that was accepted with doubts from the specialists.

However, skin is considered easier to work with and its establishment of its production and use creates new ways for other scientific fields such as medicine where new skin can be provided for people who need (for instance fire victims).

Bottom line is, a great interplay is taking place between two big industries that will contribute to creating new methods to even more scientific fields. Let’s hope that the result will be better than expected.

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