Tag Heuer comes up with its self-charging cell phone, the Meridiist Infinite

MeridiistInfiniteTag Heuer has added a neat feature to its latest edition, the Meridiist Infinite. Behind the main screen are thin photovoltaic cells which will charge the phone automatically.

The Meridiist Infinite will charge off sunlight, or artificial light, effectively giving the device a standby time of, “forever.” Tag Heuer mobile phones, like the Vertu line of devices, also have an accompanying concierge service to wait at your every beck-and-call.

Technical specs for this device are what you would expect for a feature phone, 2.4-inch LCD screen (320×240) with a secondary display showing additional information. The Meridiist Infinite has 8GB of storage, a 5MP camera, and is an unlocked GSM device. It is made out of titanium and carbon and will be produced in limited quantities, only 1,911 will be made.

The Meridiist Infinite will be available beginning in July at select retailers and jewelers.

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