Take a Look at the Best Apps for Spying on Android Smartphones in 2016

If you’re not familiar with mobile spying, let us give you a brief description. Basically, it is technology that lets you keep track of a smartphone’s activities. Although this technology used to be available mostly in the form of ERP systems, over the past 5 years it has started to grow in the app market as well. This means that parents and employers all over the world have started to make use of it for spying on Android Smartphones.

Parents have been using it to keep their children away from potential cyber dangers. Children every day are falling prey to dangers like cyber-bullying or solicitation from predators, or scams. Similarly employers have been using it to monitor their staff. Plugged in employees will often use technology for their own entertainment and personal use—which is not wrong, until it compromises the company’s productivity. Therefore, it is in situations like these that people turn to using spying apps. They provide them with the knowledge and transparency in communication they need to keep things in order.

So, what is a good spy software of this sort? A regular spying app should at the very least give you the basic information, such as a target phone’s call logs, its messages, and calendar activities. If it checks all these boxes, it will have a basic conformance quality. But we’re looking for something that does above the call of duty and gives us something with a much greater depth and usability. Smartphones these days are so versatile and dynamic, so why shouldn’t our monitoring apps be the same way? This is why we’re listing down the best spy apps for Android that we’ve tried and tested in 2016 so far. Of course, this list is based solely on our opinion, but we hope it gives you some idea of where to look for when you need an app of this nature. Especially as there seem to be too many scams out there. Anyway, without further ado, here’s our list!

1. Mobile Spy

Mobile spy is a spy app that works on most Android phones. This app definitely checks our boxes for being able to track call logs, text messages and calendar activities. But this is a premium app and goes much further than that. It is also able to detect keystrokes, view most chats on instant messengers, can block incoming calls, monitor phones and block websites. Additionally, it also has GPS tracking which helps you track the physical location of the app itself. So what is an app like this worth? Basically, you pay for what you get. So, pricing starts at a very basic $40 and goes up to $200. This app is good to use, but definitely an investment. It’s a hefty amount of money you pay for a limited time frame.

2. FlexiSpy

Another app for spying on Android is Flexispy, from the US Company Wimington. Now, this software is an interesting one. It definitely completes the rubric we defined earlier—yes on call logs, texts and calendar activates. It also lists features like device change, call interception, SMS blocking and email monitoring onto their portfolio. While some features work rather well—GPS tracking is on point, and web browsing history is regularly updated. However, some of its other key features fall short. Their Android call recording, for example only works if you have a GSM network. Similarly, the company is known for some questionable practices. For example, they’re got “spoofing” features, which allow you to send a text message pretending to be the phone’s user. Features like these made us reluctant to use it. And well, the pricing is a little dodgy as well. It starts at $150 and goes up to $350… and this is for a year’s worth of subscription. There is no option for a short term subscription. So why did this app make our list? It definitely has some good functionality, and we figured that if you’re looking for a spy app for long term use without having to update your subscription every month, this could work for you.



Next on our list is xnspy, another monitoring app that works well on all Android phones (and iOS phones as well). Now, this app does basically everything that has been mentioned above. It’s got call log tracking, instant messenger monitoring, photo viewing, email monitoring, web browser, live screen-grabbing. It also has a remote control which lets you lock the phone wirelessly, or wipe its memory. It works completely in stealth mode, not interruptive to the device’s regular functions. It also has GPS tracking, and you can even mark certain locations as trigger ones—kind of like geo-fencing. And it has flawless functionality. So what makes this app so much more different than the others? It is priced at an astonishing $8.32. For the same functions that the other two apps have, the price is a steal.

Our Verdict

So, we’ve done our duty and listed down the best apps for spying on Android of the year. Our pick has to be XNSPY, because for the same performance quality, I did not feel like I was being ripped off. Perhaps the other two apps are charging a premium because they’ve been around longer. But XNSPY works just as well, if not better than the two, and for only $8.32. Of course I’m going to get more value out of it. Did your favorite spy app make the list? Let us know what you use so we can add it in for next time!