Tech products we look forward to see in 2014

Tech products in 2014
2013 was kind of a slow year when it comes to technology. We didn’t see any super amazing advancement in technology at a consumer level nor did we see any notable innovations. With it now being mid-April, we’ve already seen a couple things come out from the cracks this year, but was else can we look forward to seeing this year? Let’s read on and have a look.

  1. Sapphire Glass Displays

    Who doesn’t want a more durable screen on their gadget? We certainly do! Luckily, Apple is already on the case with their sapphire glass production and cutting method patent and they are expected introduce the feature in the iPhone 6. Could this be the start of the Sapphire Revolution?

  2. Foldable Displays

    So we’ve had the LG Flex and the Samsung Curve, phones which, whilst are cool to look at, were very uninspiring. However, with Samsung being awarded a patent for flexible/folded displays, 2014 could be the year we see the first foldable displays. The technology has already been demonstrated by Samsung so here’s hoping. Either way, it’ll be better than the Flex and the Curve.

  3. The iWatch

    We’ve all seen smart watches by now. Pebble, Samsung and Sony are just a few who have tried to make smart watches mainstream. Pebble have done the best thus far in our opinion but later this year we could herald a new era for smart watches. Apple is expected to launch their own version smart watch, the iWatch, later this year.

  4. Faster Charging

    Technology has come a long way, yet batteries do not seem to have kept up with the pace when it comes to capacity and charging. However, recently we heard about a nanotech powered battery which can fully charge a Samsung Galaxy S4 within 30 seconds. Now, mass production of this battery isn’t expected to happen until 2016, but here’s hoping something can be learned from it to improve our charging for the next two years.

  5. Mass market 3D Printer

    We all know how fantastic 3D printing is and the possibilities really are endless. However, a consumer version of the 3D printer was a pipe dream; however, it may not be a dream come the end of this year. The Micro, dubbed the “first truly consumer 3D printer”, has raised over $2m on KickStarter for their $299 3D Printer. We can’t wait.

  6. Google Glass 2

    The first iteration of Google Glass came with a mixed bag of reviews. We were all excited by the potential it showed, but we all felt it just didn’t really do all that much. However, this was truly a beta product, and we can’t wait to see what Google’s finished version can do. We’re hoping to see Glass 2 later this year.

  7. Windows 9

    If you haven’t been hiding away in a cave for the past year, you’ll know that Windows 8 (and its updated 8.1 version) hasn’t really gone down well with customers. This is just one reason that Microsoft are said to already be hard at work crafting Windows 9. It isn’t expected to be on sale until 2015, but we’ll expect to see previews this year.

  8. Glare-Free Gorilla Glass

    Do you hate being outside and having a great big honking glare take over your screen? Well, the folks at Corning announced last year that they had been developing a glass with a significantly lower reflectance. It’s not yet available on the market, meaning smartphones and tablets are not yet using it, but we’re hoping this year is the year it comes to market. Say bye-bye to the glare!

So that’s our list of top technologies we hope to see in the market very soon, probably by the end of 2014. Keep updated!

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