Text message exploit forces your Nexus to reboot – Here is the fix

Nexus 5According to the latest reports the Nexus series of devices have one vulnerability in which anyone can send you a lot of “Class 0” text messages ad your phone will reboot. Some times instead of rebooting your phone’s SMS app will crash and some times it disables the network connection too. The exploit is found by IT administrator Bogdan Alecu and it worked with Galaxy Nexus, Nexus 4 and Nexus 5. All these devices rebooted when hit with a series of “Class 0” text messages a.k.a. flash messages or texts which are not automatically stored on your phone.

Text message exploit fix for Nexus devices:

Now if you’re worried about losing any unsaved data because of this forced reboot caused by this exploit, you might want to install this firewall app which is available in Google Play. This app protects the device from the exploit by firewalling the class 0 text messages.

Here is the link: Class0Firewall

What does Google Say:

Google has made a statement to PC World saying they are aware of the issue and looking into the matter as of now.

We thank him for bringing the possible issue to our attention and we are investigating,

Google said PC World

Source: PC World

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