The Awesome Features in iOS 7, Unique or Stolen?

Apple iOS7
Apple iOS7

We posted about Apple’s announcement of IOS 7 yesterday and I hope you liked all the changes Apple has brought to their new operating system. But did you know, most of those impressive designs and features in ios 7 came from already existing third-party apps or their rival mobile operating systems? Although we cannot say Apple copied or stole those design and feature ideas, we can definitely say a lot of the new additions were inspired like I said above. Here in this post I am going to write about most of those new features in iOS 7 which seem like an idea theft of other people or companies.

  • New Mail Client

The new mail client on iOS7 certainly is great and has an awesome new look and feel, but its new only for the people who haven’t tried the MailBox. The new mail client looks a lot like the original MailBox app because of the flat icons and the whole flat UI experience. But that’s not all, did you see how you can swipe on the mail to move or delete it? Well that’s exactly how you can do it on MailBox too. You have to decide whether this is just a coincidence or a theft of an idea.

  • New Calender App

Most of you might have already noticed how similar this new calendar app to the popular third-party calendar App called Sunrise. The UI looks similar and there nothing more to it. This might not be a theft of the UI, but the design of the Sunrise calendar app has definitely had its effect on whoever designed the new calendar app on iOS 7.

  • iTunes Radio

Like the previous one, you might have noticed the similarity of this one with another popular app. Yes it resembles with Pandora radio app. Probably not the UI, but featurewise we can definitely say iTunes radio has copied at least one awesome feature of Pandora. In Pandora you can create custom radio stations by picking your favorite artists which will then play the songs which are relevant to you. This feature was first copied by the now famous Spotify and now its Apple who copied this idea.

  • New Photo App

The similarity between the new camera/photo app and the third-party app flayvr was tweeted by the co-founder of appsfire.

Now if you thought that’s it, you’re wrong as Apple has copied some features from their competitors as well. Read on.

  • System-wide UI Go Back Feature:

If you were an android/blackberry 10 user and now owns a iPhone, I know how terribly you’re missing the back button. Android always had the system wide go back feature, by pressing a key. But iPhone as you already know doesn’t have this button to press so that a user can go back to the previous screen. Since it is an awesome feature, people from Apple found a way to do that in iOS7. You can swipe your finger from the left edge of the screen and goto the previous screen. The only problem is, they found this on Blackberry 10 os and implemented it on iOS 7. You wouldn’t all that stealing, would you?

  • New Multitasking screen:

If you have used the WebOS in the past, you already know what I am going to write about. Yes, I am talking about the best feature of WebOS, the multi tasking screen. Apparently Apple successfully copied it to their iOS7.

That’s it for now. I don’t think making a product which is inspired from other popular products if that’s what customers want is a bad thing. I just feel odd because its Apple which does this. Remember how they have filed a lot of legal actions against a lot of companies because they imitated their design? Will Apple get sued over? We will have to wait for that until at least the OS update will be out for the public.

Do you know any more resemblances between iOS7 and some other App, to share with us? If so, please do so by commenting below. Also don’t forget to let us know what do you think about this too.

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