The Best Smartphones For Seniors and Elderly – January 2018

Ok, so there is that thing they call “generation gap” which roughly means that each older generation gets left behind concerning society’s new ways and innovations. For instance, while most internet users cannot practically live more than a few days without an internet connection, there are elders who are not even sure what the internet is or what it can do. But there are also many elders who are really trying to keep up with today’s new technologies.

Model Price Rating
Apple iPhone 6 Plus $$$ amazon-buy-button
Samsung Galaxy S5 $$ amazon-buy-button
Blu Life Mark $ amazon-buy-button
Samsung Galaxy Note 2 $$ amazon-buy-button
Emporia Euphoria $ amazon-buy-button
Emporia SMART $$ amazon-buy-button

For such people (those who keep up with trends in tech), there are two ways to catch up with this ever changing world. The cheapest way is to get an easy to use smartphone (even if it is a second hand one) and then install a senior friendly launcher app since there are plenty of launcher apps designed for seniors. The other way is to buy a new smartphone designed for seniors.

So here is a list of the best smartphones aimed at helping seniors improve their experience with new evolving technology. Of course many might wonder why smartphones? Is an ordinary cell phone not just fine since it’s easier to use? If that’s you, then you could be wrong in a number of ways.  Who said that all smartphones are more sophisticated than regular cell phones? Well, below we’ve listed  a couple of smartphones that balance perfectly all the high-end features with class, design and ease of use. All that makes the experience much more constructive and fun for the elders as they have the chance to be a part of the modern world.

But before we move on to the options, there are some things that any senior should know and take under consideration when searching for the most suitable smartphones for seniors. So whether you’re looking to buy one as a present to your older parents, or you’re a senior yourself who wants to find what’s best for you, here are two key things to keep in mind.

The operating system: There are truly many operating systems to choose from when it comes to buying a smartphone. Each one of them has something unique to offer but what a senior should pretty much look for is a well designed, user friendly environment that makes the whole experience fun. There many operating systems but the ones that stand out the most are Apple’s iOS, Google’s Android and possibly even Blackberry’s OS. All of them are different though but still exciting to use. For instance, Apple’s iOS is a very well designed OS though the smartphones with that OS are kind of limited in models and expensive too. Android, on the other hand, is an OS that can be found on the vast majority of smartphones in the market right now so that leaves you with much more choices thus a much wider price range. But despite that, Android apps are not vetted.

The cellphone provider: The next decision is selecting a cellphone provider. Several different model variants of every smartphone are sold, with most variants differing only in support for regional network types and bands. Look at the coverage maps available at any cell phone carrier’s website. In addition to making sure the area you’re in has good coverage, make sure the network you want is available in your area.

Some other features you might want to take under consideration as a senior are:

The memory size – Of course you’ll probably want to fill your phone with pictures, videos and all kinds of memories with your children and their children as well.

The battery life-  If you’re the more outdoors type and care a lot about the screen resolution, this is something you will want to consider. The last thing you want is having trouble reading the screen.

And of course, never forget that most smartphones have three buttons, a power button, a volume up and a volume down button. Everything else is done on the touchscreen. So you might want to go for a smartphone with a large screen so that you can see clearly everything that is displayed. No glasses or moving your head left and right or forth and back to get what your phone is trying to tell you.

So having all the above in mind, let’s go and see the best smartphones for seniors.

Apple iPhone 6 Plus


On the front of what really puts iPhone 6 plus on this list is its 5.5″ screen which as you can guess is pretty huge enough to allow a person to increase the font and read easily as well as view images and watch videos without straining the eyes. Together with the adjustable background light, any person with fading eyesight will have no difficulties using it.

Learning to operate it is the easiest thing you can subject a person of age to, thanks to its intuitive and easy to learn features. In fact, it packs very few phone options as well as controls and toggles which help to cut off the pain of having to adjust dozens of features when using it or operating it for the first time.

And having noted how remembering passwords can be a bother to some people,mostly the elderly, they included a fingerprint reader to make things for you. With all these features, it’s not hard to see why this phone is the ideal option for the seniors and elderly in 2017.

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Emporia Euphoria

MAXCOM-MM461Emporia is an Austrian company that specializes in the design and manufacturing of cell phones for the elderly. This specific model is called Euphoria and just like every other phone designed by Emporia Telecom, is has big buttons and a high contrast screen.

The Euphoria has also a 2MP camera and a button for emergency calls. In general, this is just the phone for anyone who wants to be able to make calls easily and see everything clearly. The phone also enables you to take and send photos quickly and easily.

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Emporia SMART

emporia-smart-s1Ηaving said that Emporia is a company specialized in smartphones for seniors, it’s easy to guess that its products would be more than once on this list. This particular smartphone, the emporiaSMART, is pretty different from conventional smartphones. When placed over the display, you can enter numbers with the help of the keypad, scroll through the telephone book with the arrow buttons, or read and write text messages. The keypad can be removed completely together with the battery cover.

The package also includes a battery cover without the keypad in the scope of delivery. Not impressed yet? Flip the keypad display cover to the back to use the touchscreen. This way you can switch between the home screen, the personalized home screen with speed dialing and the app screen. Of course, you can also use the touchscreen directly to select symbols, scroll through the telephone book and enter numbers and text.

Then there is “The Stylus Pen” which makes it easier to use the touchscreen. It can be attached directly to the emporiaSMART with a sling.

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Blu Life Mark


If you on the lookout for a smartphone that’s inexpensive, durable and friendly to senior citizens, BLU Life Mark should be the ultimate pick for you. You can own it for well under $100 without having to worry about its quality. Of course a good deal always calls for deep thoughts but on this one you can spare yourself that thought process.

On top of the good sound, it has a 5.0″ HD touchscreen which is quite large enough for a senior person with a fading eyesight, and also packs a fingerprint sensor just in case passwords aren’t your thing. Even though the memory size is only 16GB, you will remember that seniors mostly call and text and perhaps take a few pictures and videos all of which can be accommodated well into that memory size.

In addition, its battery life is also excellent. Together with its latest operating system(Android 5.1 Lollipop) expect a performance perfect for a person of age.

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Samsung Galaxy Note 2

samsung-galaxy-note-2-review-press-shot-one_4In case you haven’t noticed, with its model we’re moving forward in time, proving that the generation gap is something that can be dealt. There are many seniors out there who want to remain in style, with a bigger screen size smartphone that has to offer many cool features and a bit of prestige of course couldn’t hurt. For those people the Samsung Galaxy Note 2 is an excellent choice.

There is a plethora of easy to use and learn features that will never let the user get bored. And for those who believe that an elder would have trouble dealing with all those new fancy features (such as the hands gestures or the multitasking windows) then just give this phone to an elder and see what happens. That should be enough to change your mind. This phone appeals to seniors for many reasons and also because it comes with a stylus.

For many older people with trembling hands, using a stylus is a more accurate way to control a touchscreen phone than using their fingertips. It has a 5.5-inch display, and the Savvy Senior named this phone as one of the best for older users.

The Samsung Galaxy Note 2 is a bit of an older model as well, which means it will cost less to buy than a more recent Note model from Samsung. And on top of all that, this smartphone comes with an Easy Mode option, which strips down the interface and makes it easier for seniors to navigate to all the features that they use most frequently like the text messaging, the contacts and even the internet! Bottom line is the Samsung Galaxy Note 2 is a great phone for seniors who want to have a “real phone,” but don’t really need a lot of bells and whistles.

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Samsung Galaxy S5


Many senior and aging people alike will fall in love with this phone mostly because of its fairly large display and adjustable features that enable one to seek a font that suits them. Not forgetting to mention that it’s resistant to water which should not be interpreted to mean that you can keep it underneath your full bathtub or pool as you go about your activities. Well, it won’t die like the other phones even if you are to do that. You can easily get it back to normalcy without cursing your actions.

Aside from that, the sound is excellent and it packs a number of other exciting features that are sure to leave a senior citizen satisfied using it.

So there you have it- our genuine list for the best smartphones for seniors available out here. Make sure to read carefully all of their features and when shopping for one, always keep in mind the important things such as the OS, the provider, the screen, the memory, the battery life, the design etc. That way you’ll be able to maximize your experience. Choose a smartphone that can also be of importance by taking care of you (for instance remind you when to take your pills) and not forgetting one that will save you the difficulties associated with complicated and advanced features. Happy shopping!