The brand new Electric Skateboard by Stary is very cool and efficient

Everybody knows that the skateboards are cool, but now it is official that even electric skateboards are cool, maybe super cool. There are many electric skateboards which you can find in the market but if you are looking for a good one you should place your focus on China. Skating is a good sport and is very popular in many countries but until today people only knew about skateboard and the appearance of the electric skateboard is a very big revolution in the skateboard market……it may change the definition of a skateboard.

At the beginning of this month there was an event at Beijing where we spend some time with a team from Stary, it is one of the well-established company from Shanghai. Rex Chen, who is the CEO of the company, spared some time from his busy schedule to spend with us and he surprised us with Stary’s electric skateboard demonstration. Earlier this year this highly impressive skateboard raised $740,000.

This extraordinary skateboard is not only efficient, but it can also gain high speed, its top speed is 18.6 MPH, but the skateboard is very light because the battery is inside the skateboard and the motor is very scientifically built into one of the back wheels. But the important thing is that how to control it… it too difficult to handle for an amateur……does it have a brake?

Yes; is does have a break, it also has a handheld control mechanism which is not difficult to maintain; even an amateur like me can handle it. All of these safety features combined with its mesmerizing beauty and its super speed makes it one of the best motorized skateboards in the world.

There is a bit of good news for skateboard lovers if you somehow missed its startup campaign, but you really liked the look of the skateboard….you can go to and order one for yourself. The price is $899. A bit of a warning for the buyers that the product would not ship until the March of 2016 but if you really are into skating….it is a good product to spend your money on and it is worth the wait.

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