The computer market’s slight fall

Ok, so the computers will rise again, we’ve said that before and it is a prediction that we’re not backing off from. But, according to some statistical data, it seems that the computer market had a slight fall which slightly blurs things on the industry.

The global computer market fell by approximately 6.2% comparing to the last report from the research company IDC.

More specifically, the company’s prediction puts the sales limit to the 289 million computers, against the 294.1 millions that were reported in 2014. In addition, according to the IDC prediction (it may be based on numbers and statistics but it is still a prediction since the year 2015 is not over yet) the market will remain the same during 2016 or may show some slight improvement – perhaps a 0.2%.

According to the IDC analysis, the personal computers market, fell by 2.2% in 2014, while even 2013 was intensively downward. In fact, from 2012 to 2013, the market dealt with a 9.8% fall.

The company’s analysts hold Windows 10 responsible for the market’s fall and the competition that computers are dealing with from other devices (smartphones, tablet etc).

In more details, the low demand on computers – which partially occurs from the fact that many buyers are expecting the Windows 10 operating system to be released this summer in order to move to any purchases – compared with the intensifying competition from tablets and smartphones is what puts pressure on the PC market.

As the IDC’s “Worldwide Quarterly PC Tracker” supports, the expected Windows 10 release, will boost somewhat the sales numbers but it is still unknown whether this boost will be enough to revive the market or not.

Despite all the above, numbers will go up again, sooner or later, because as we’ve mentioned before, computers are the ultimate entertainment and at the end of the day, those sophisticated devices remain an essential part of our daily routine.

Trends like phablets and tablets come and go, but the computers will stick around for a while more.

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