The iOS 9 beta is available

Enough time has passed since the first time that Apple announced its new operating system, the iOS 9. Then we saw some of its new features on the WWDC 2015. Now, after several months of waiting, Apple users can finally try out the beta version of the expected new operating system.

The programmers working for Apple had the chance to see and test the new iOS 9 beta for a month now, but since the 10th of July, everyone has the chance to install the new version even if he is not a programmer.

The version of the iOS 9 is named Apple public beta and it is available for the public (as the name indicates), thus allowing all the company’s fans to try out the new features before the official release date, which has been announced to be somewhen this fall.

In order to install the beta version to your device you firstly have to visit Apple’s public beta site and register here.

Once you are done with the register, you will be able to install the iOS 9 on your iPhone, iPad, or iPod Touch.

However we advise you not to install the beta version of iOS you’re your main device (the one you use the most) as the said operating system certainly carries some serious bugs that will take some time to get fixes.

Now if you’re not familiar with the features of the new iOS 9, no worries! Split screen multitasking, performance improvements, and brand new interesting apps, are only some of the new surprises that are waiting for you to discover them. Siri has also got a lot smarter and as for the apps, many of the built-in ones have been improved. Notes includes new checklists and sketching features, Maps now offers transit directions, Mail allows for file attachments, and there’s a new “News” app that learns your interests and delivers relevant content you might like to read.

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Get the beta version and let us know how you find Apple’s new operating system. Until the final release stay tuned to read all the latest news about this and many other hot topics!