The launch of the new Hue Bridge 2.0 from Philips

We all know what Apple’s HomeKit Framework is and how it helps us. The product line is smart, extensive and very effective. Philips worked their magic on the product line by lending support in the form of the new Hue smart light bulb. Though it is very good news but there is a bad news too. So coming to the bad news first, for existing Hue users, this upgrade won’t be compatible so if you want this you have to go for a completely brand new bridge. The existing bridge won’t work due to some hardware limitations.

The HomeKit is the way to connect yourself with the objects around you provided you are an iOS user. There are lots of ways you can connect the devices around your home and that too multiple devices at one go. For example, your garage window and the light bulb can be merged together so that whenever you need to open and close the garage window the light bulb turns itself on automatically. The interesting part is that every HomeKit compatible device can be controlled with SIRI and that is something very desirable nowadays as SIRI is really useful and very helpful.

As for now, this Philips Hue app only supports the SIRI part, that is, in technical terms this Philips Hue light cannot be integrated with other products. But it is most likely to be changed in future software updates that will be out very soon. And if that happens there are no boundaries of its application.

These new updated color bulbs are brighter than the existing ones on paper as well as in reality. The output now stands at 800 lumens instead of 600 lumens that were there on the previous generation. There is a change in the output of the white bulbs as well churning out 800 lumens instead of 750 lumens. Apart from the updation of LightStrip, it is also stated that these new bulbs come with “increased internal storage” but we are not quite sure what is the need of increased internal storage in the bulb so that’s quite a mystery.

On the outside, the new bridge does not have any extra features but now it has an app icon shaped design which comes in white, which is same as the previous one as well. Coming to the price, the new updated Hue Bridge 2 costs close to 60 $, and there is also the option for existing owners to have a flat out 20% discount on the new variant. It will be available from 6th October. Stay tuned for some more updates soon….




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