The new Amazon Fire HD 8 now comes with an added removable memory slot

So, the famous tablet from Amazon that is the Fire HD 8 has been worked upon and it now boasts an extra removable memory slot. Yes, you heard it right, a memory slot to enhance your storage space. It is quite a sad thing in the tablet planet as there are some few tablets offering extra removable memory slot so as to keep those extra things intact and safe. But there you have it the Fire HD 8 is now equipped with a memory slot which is removable too. This is good news for tablet users and who are inclined towards that extra space and who are extremely particular in saving their media files by any means.

Most tablets that are in the market right now consist of a space limit of 8 GB to 16 GB. This new addition means just one thing, now you have the power and the authority to expand the space at your own will. Amazon should be rightly praised for this very helpful action as it is something of great importance nowadays.

It is a great feature as the scenario is constantly evolving with addition of new apps in the market, new interfaces, new working formulas, bigger files size for better clarity and quality, new operating systems and host of many other functions which are currently working on our devices. So the term space is something which is relative to everything that’s present and it is directly proportional to all the processes and functions of any device that is out there.

Other than this important upgrade Amazon has also worked on this one of a kind tablet making it much more improved in terms of its performance and usability as well. It was a standard piece of equipment earlier and Amazon further improved it quite a lot. With clever features and a great app ecosystem this device just takes away the crown from many of its competitors. This device had everything starting from good UI to good performance, good display to good overall usability, the device was very robust before and all these traits are very nicely integrated in this avatar as well along with the addition of the much needed expandable memory slot.

At a price of 149$, the Amazon Fire HD 8 is really a lot of device for the price it is going for. It is worth the money and these new improvements make it much more desirable as well.

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