The new Apple TV is here……

With so many launches this year Apple has surely stirred up the market right from the start. Now they have again lit up the market with another great product. We welcome the New Apple TV available in retail stores from today. The main two features that are likely to be the most important attributes in the whole package is that it is now equipped with a newly developed RC (remote) and also comes with its own ecosystem as well.

The required set up box which can be yours at a price close to 149 dollars and another one at nearly 199 dollars (depending on  the variants) and can be bought from an Apple store near your location, according to 9to5mac there are reports stating that Best Buy, Target and the likes are carrying the device, as well. Customers who knew about this launch have already pre-booked the Apple TV in the online sale which happened last week.

This new avatar of the Apple TV is not like the previous version which Apple delivered to us before, it only let us access to common apps like HBO, Hulu, Netflix and some own iTunes library content. But this new device has delivered us its own apps, created solely by third-party developers to provide you with infinite possibilities so as to make it more practical, usable and user-friendly.

Apple has recalibrated the remote to fit with the new TV; it is made with good quality sensors to provide you with more functionality.  For example, the new remote has a sliding control, to use it the remote is fitted with a touchpad for skipping back or forward, and it is also equipped with its own accelerometer and gyroscope for controlling motion on games.

It is packed with very useful features and it is really something to look out for. The brand new Apple TV also supports universal search, Siri integration and Voice control.

You can get the 32GB variant of the TV at 149$ and the 64GB variant for 199$.