The new modified version of the Google Glass is smaller in size and looks like a Monocle

If you are a fan of Google and own a Google glass…you are in for a big surprise; fasten your seat belts as you are about to meet the Google Monocle. The Patent and Trademark Office of the United States has approved a new patent to Google for a brand new upgraded version of Google Glass. Let us put it this way that the new product does not have any similarities to glasses, now it is a fantastic looking monocle which surrounds your head.
The Google Glass was one of the best gadgets ever made; we were mesmerized by its beauty and its technical superiority. After its release on the market the Google Glass became a fashion statement for tech savvy people, everybody liked to wear it, it was comfortable and its hands-free use was fascinating.
Here is everything we know about the patent…..
The band of the monocle is adjustable as per the necessity of the user and it can be configured by a user to touch the head of the user at a first location near the temple, the second location is along the user’s ear near the temple, and the third location is along a rear position of the head of the user.
But when you finally you configure the device, Glass will hold on to its adjusted configuration. The main question is that will this be enough to restore interest of the people for this device again?
In January this year Google paused the sales of Google Glass, afterward the company stated that it was in need to stop and retune for the sake of the development.
In March this year we got the report that Google was searching for new areas of opportunity for the Glass. Their particular goal was to sell the Glass to the enterprise customers.
But since then the company went mute on this matter. It is not clear if Google is still working on hardware and software improvement of the device. But, by today’s new patent announcement Google proved that they still have not given up on the device, not just yet.