The new trauma care device XSTAT 30 cuts down the death percentage in half

The new device named XSTAT 30 was approved by FDE for the use of general population. This is a brand new kind of field dressing device, but it does not have the ability to heal. So why is it so valuable? Because it buys gunshot victims more time, it holds the time until the victim receives some medical treatment.

Before FDA’s approval, the XSTAT 30 was only useable to the military. So now besides the military, the ambulance also has the access to this brand new technology, and this new technology makes them able to dress the wound only in 15 minutes. The device looks similar to a syringe which is full of sponges.

The syringe is full of very small sizes of sponges, they are the size of a tablet and the exact number of the sponges in the syringe is 92. In the time of emergencies, these 92 microsponges get injected into the wound, and they do their work. They absorb the blood from the wound, which expands the wound and creates a provisional boundary to stop excess blood loss in just 15 seconds. One XSTAT 30 is able to soak up a pint of blood and FDA’s statement says that the dressing can be used for 4 long hours.

After the patient reaches the hospital, doctors will be able to remove the sponges. Each and every one of the sponges is laced with the radiopaque marker so that it can be detected by using the X-ray machine, by using this machine medical staffs will be sure that all the sponges have left the patient’s body.

A report from the United States Army Institute of Surgical Research states that in case of traumatic injuries, blood loss causes 35-40 percent deaths and in many other cases the percentage of death is above 50 percent, sometimes even the victim dies before he/she reaches the hospital. The additional time that XSTAT 30 provides cuts down those death numbers in half.