A Few Things To Be Noted Before You Install iOS7 Update

So you will be getting the iOS 7 update today within a couple of hours if your device supports it. The devices which will be able to receive the iOS7 update are Apple iPhone4, iPhone 4S, iPhone 5, iPad 2, iPad 3, iPad 4, iPad Mini & iP0d Touch 5th generation.

Now the iOS7 will be bringing the biggest change in iOS history and os you should be careful when you update it to the latest version. We really don’t know if something will go wrong, so just to be sure we don’t loose anything here are some tips to note down before you install the update.

Take The Backup:

So the first thing you should do is take the back up of your current iOS installation. this will help you to recover everything in case something goes wrong during the update. Cleaning up the device by removing unnecessary applications and data is one thing you can do optionally before taking theĀ  back up. Backing up iOS devices is pretty easy.

  • Plugin the device to your computer.
  • Open iTunes
  • If you have iTunes 11, click on the device button on the right side and click back up now below “Manually Back Up and Restore.” in the back up section.
  • In case you have iTunes 10.7, Right-click (or Control click) on your iOS device in the iTunes Source list and choose Back Up from the iTunes device shortcut menu.

How to update to iOS7:

You can update your iOS device to iOS7 in two different ways.

  1. OTA update: In this case you don’t have to do much. Just click ok on the prompt which asks you whether to update to iOS7 or not. You can try if the update has already ready for your device by tapping on Settings > General > Software update.
  2. Updating using iTunes: In case you prefer the good old method, you can plugin your device to your computer and open up iTunes to install the update. Once your device is connected and iOS7 update is ready for you, you will receive the prompt like below. In here just click on Download&Update button and the update will start.

iTunes OS7 update prompt

Now its the time to wait:

Don’t worry if you haven’t got the update yet. Apple will roll out the update according to specific schedules on different time zones. Here are the schedules for different time zones for iOS7 update roll out all over the world:

US Release Schedule for iOS7:

  • Pacific: 10 AM
  • Mountain: 11 AM
  • Central: 12 PM
  • Eastern: 1PM

European Release Schedule for iOS7:

  • GMT: 5 PM
  • British: 6 PM
  • Central European: 7 PM
  • Eastern European: 8 PM

Asian Release Schedule for iOS7:

  • Hong Kong: 1 AM Sept 19th
  • China: 1 AM Sept 19th
  • Korea: 2 AM Sept 19th
  • Japan: 2 AM Sept 19th

The list is not complete and all of these are approximate and expected schedules. In case you receive an update please let us know by commenting below with the time zone you’re from.

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