Tim Cook presented the Apple Music service

Apple Music is expected to become available in June 30th and as the company supports, it will offer a “revolutionary” music streaming service, that will overcome the competition with features like the 24/7 radio and the “Connect” which is an option of social networking that will be included to the Apple Music service.

Tim Cook, the CEO of Apple Inc. stated during the WWDC: “We love music. It is such an important part of our life and our culture and we here in Apple, we have a long-year relationship with music”.

This new service will provide the users with the ability not only to listen to any of the 30 million songs that will be available on iTunes, but also to choose for their musical entertainment the Beat 1, the first radio station owned by Apple that will play 24 hours a day, 7 days a week! This particular feature will have a base in 3 different location, New York, Los Angeles and London, where many DJs will make all the musical selections.

The Connect service will allow the musicians to share their lyrics, pictures and videos or even release their new music directly to their fans through their iPhones.

Apple Music will also be boosted with Siri, the famous virtual assistant, something that will make it possible for users to give voice commands or questions.


Just like Spotify, the Apple Music will offer to the listeners, suggested playlists based on the kind of music that each users prefers. However, Apple has not cleared out yet, whether the users will be given the option to create their own playlists or if the service will be available with no Internet access (offline).

Apple Music will be released in iPhones and iPads in June 30th, initially in 100 countries while later in 2015, it will become available for devices that run with Google’s operating system, the Android. The service will also be available for Mac and Windows systems through an updated edition of iTunes.

In a clear effort to compete with Spotify, Apple announced that the service will be free for the first three months, and after those months users will have to pay $9.99 per month. For families with 6 members-users this price will also go up to 14.99 (for all six members).

Finally, the company announced that in order for users to gain access to the Apple Music service, they must have upgraded their firmware to the 8.4 iOS that will be available later on this month.

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