Tokyo gets an Android game vending machine


If you’ve ever been to Japan, you’ll know that vending machines are all over the place offering anything you could ever want. From clothing to fresh eggs, from snacks to electronics, they have it all. Now, thanks to Google, you can also get Android games from a vending machine in Tokyo.

The machine will only offer 18 titles at the start, and they w ill be a mixture of both free-to-play and paid games. You’ll also need a device with NFC and Android 4.0 or higher to get games from the machine. However, whilst the Google Play store offers a 15 minute window to try out a game if there is no demo, so will the vending machine! It’ll blurt out an Nexus 4 to allow you to try out the games, you’ll have to give it back of course.

 Source – Phone Arena

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