Top 5 Android Apps For Toddlers

The Network of android apps is getting large each day that covers all age groups in almost every area. Mothers that are using an android phone for their children usually go fot the apps that are good for their kids. When its time to download apps for your kids, mothers would prefer those that are entertaining, educating as well as taking less space in their gadget. Following apps are the best for the toddlers.

123’s ABC’s Free

This is a perfect app to let your child know about alphabets and numbers. It will excite your child and indulge him in learning his very first lessons of tracing out letters, erasing them and rewritting them, and its all fun. It allows alphabets to be traced by finger. Numbers and arrows are the guide and your child can hear the letters and can rewrite them. Varying font size and colors are also an option to make it more fun.

Dino Dots Connect for Kids

This is the game to connect the dots with a dinosaurs background.There are more then 90 wonderful unique pictures and scenes in which your child will have fun dot connecting game. Balloons and bubbles are popped when a child finishes completing a scene. Kids can start up with 4 to 35 dot connections with 3 levels of difficulty. There is a pleasant voice that teaches the child how to proceed. Connecting dots helps to improve shape and pattern recognition ability in kids, refining motor, visual and cognitive skills while entertaining them. The plus point is that it has no adds but in-app purchases are there.

Dino Maze

In this app your kids will experience contented learning. You kid can select his Dino and move him along the maze lines in which he will find the way home as happens in any other Maze game but in very entertaining and unique way. This app will help your kid build shape and pattern recognition ability, his motor, cognitive and visual skills. There are around 30 predefined mazes that have 3 difficulty levels. It has got vivid colors and very fine music plus gifts all along. The kids can build their own maze and play on it. Its control and moves are very easy to learn. There are no Ads but have in-app purchases to unlock the mazes.


This is an exploratory game to entertain the toddlers with rabbit and giraffe. In this game your child has to help both rabbit and giraffe to deliver a special present for lion’s birthday in the zoo. The child can build roads and bridges cars and planes as well as go on safari and find out how to camp under the stars and he can explore much more. It is an interactive and adventure seeking app for kids in which they learn about shapes and colors which help them to initiate and develop motor skills. There are no in-app purchases and no Ads.


This is a fun app for kids. Your kids may learn to differentiate between the sounds and also some basics of music. Best age for this app is 1 year and plus. It has colorful animated bars, authentic sounds to teach different sounds of music and it can be installed to SD card plus has got no ads.

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