Top 5 icon packs for Android launchers like Nova, Aviate, ADW etc

If you’re someone who loves to customize your Android phone’s look, then you may already know about icon packs. Icon packs lets you use different icons for applications and games in your favorite Android launcher. Most of the new Android launchers support icon packs as of now. If you’re confused on which launcher to use for your Android phone, here is a look at our Best 5 Android launchers of 2014. So once you have selected the launcher the next step in customizing your phone is adding a icon pack. Although it is quite easy, if you’re new to Android you might get confused on how to do this. Here is the how to for Installing an icon pack.

Top 5 Icon packs for Android launchers:

#1. Flatro – Icon Pack

Flatro Icon Pack

This is an incredible Icon pack with a huge number of themed icons and wallpapers. It supports Icon masking/backing support for unthemed icons as well which is an interesting and very useful feature indeed. The icon pack comes with 24 wallpapers, Matching Zooper Widgets and a dahsboard app.

#2. Umbra – Icon Pack

Umbra Icon Pack

This Icon pack is from the same developer who created the Flatro icon pack. The Icon pack has around 800 custom icons, Icon masking/backing support for unthemed icons, Dashboard App and 9 minimal wallpapers crafted to suite the icons. Umbra is a rounded icon pack with a light long shadow and a slight texture to make it stand out from the usual icons and icon packs.

#3. Tondo Premium Theme Apex Nova

Tondo Premium Theme Apex Nova

This one is a beautiful icon pack which comes with more than 800 flat high definition icons for the most used apps in Android. It comes with 5 wallpapers and icon masking support for unthemed icons. All the icons are having a 192x192px resolution.

#4. Morena – Flat Icon Pack

 Morena - Flat Icon Pack

This icon pack also features flat and minimalistic high definition icons and comes with more than 1950 icons for now. This icon pack comes with 7 custom design wallpapers, unthemed icon masking support and offers a dashboard app for the ease of use.

#5. Peek Icon Pack

Peek Icon Pack

This free icon pack comes with a simplified form of the popular applications. It effectively combines the subtle imagery of the apps and the simplicity to form a beautiful icon pack. The number of icons available in this icon pack is lesser when compared with the paid icon packs and there is no option to mask the unsupported icons.

So I hope you liked our list of top 5 icon packs for Android custom launchers. If you have any favorites please do share them by commenting below.