Top 5 Noise cancelling headphones/ear-muffs for babies and kids in 2018

Protecting your ears and your hearing is important for everyone but even more so for babies and kids. It’s therefore a good idea to have a pair or good headphones available for the small ones. Using headphones with some kind of noise cancelling function can have both mental and physiological benefits.

Model NRR Rating
Baby Banz Baby-Boys Newborn
31 dB
3M Peltor Junior Earmuff
22 dB
Snug Safe n Sound Kids & Baby Earmuffs
Pro Ears ReVo Passive Baby Ear Protectors
25 dB
BEBE Muff Hearing Protection
25 dB

If you are planning on bringing your baby or kid to an environment with the potential of having high levels of noise you definitely should consider getting one of these. Some places can be considered to be pretty noisy to the baby even though you might not think about it. So, it’s not just when bringing them to concerts you will need these but they could be useful even at coffee shops, airports or malls.

Apart from just being great as hearing protection for the kids it also helps them keep calm and focused when you’re out. Here are our top pick for noise cancelling headphones for babies or kids.

Baby Banz Baby-Boys Newborn Hearing Protection Earmuff


Every parent deserves to have Baby Banz Earmuffs especially if you have kids with high sensitivity to loud noise. Fireworks, concerts, theme parks and other events where noise is beyond average pose a health risk to kids. Baby Banz has the solution to this and this is what you will love about it:

Quality noise reduction: Much as it gives your child immunity against loud noises, your child will still be able to listen clearly to what’s going on but at a level that is harmless to their ears.

Fits well: Never worry that this earmuffs won’t fit firmly into your 2 year or 4-year old kid’s head. You will even be surprised that you can fit well into them albeit tighter.

Comfort: To kids, and even adults, comfort is key and with this in mind, Baby Banz’s creators gave it padded it and cushioned it to be comfortable enough for kids of all ages.

Variety to pick from: Each of us harbors a different taste and whatever color you prefer, they have it, from blue, silver and black to white, pink, camo, name it.

However, a few things you will want to know is that the headband cannot be adjusted. Some users insist that they may not be a good fit for 6-year olds or those older than that.

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3M Peltor Junior Earmuff Baby Headphones


Popularity comes with a reason and for 3M Peltor baby headphones, it’s for the reason that they have a noise reduction rating of 22 which many parents find to be great. Even though it’s a mid-range reduction rate, many love it for the mere fact that it also lets you listen clearly to what’s going on. It’s also well priced and a perfect fit for children with autism. It simply works fine for children who have high sensitive ears. Some of the things that will impress you most about this earmuff include:

Adjustability: You can adjust the earmuff’s headband quickly and easily to suit your younger one especially if they are four years or older. Young adults can fit into them comfortable and even grown girls.

Comfort: To give it optimum comfort, the earmuff comes with cushions filled with a special gel that lets the wearer have them on for longer periods of time. Its headband has been made soft and adjustable just so that it can accommodate kids of different ages and do so with comfort.

Well balanced noise reduction: Whereas some people think that an NRR of 22 is pretty low, what’s best about it is the fact that it cushions the ears against damages whilst letting you listen in to what’s taking place with clarity.

It’s important to note that thr materials from which the earmuff is made aren’t as powerful to resist damage so always take care not to mishandle them as they are easily prone to harm.

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Snug Safe n Sound Kids & Baby Earmuffs

Snug Safe n Sound earmuffs have earned a solid reputation for being ideal in eliminating noises emerging out of huge crowds, garden or household tools, sporting events, airports, and other related events. In fact what elevates them above others is their build quality which keeps them sturdy and robust. Besides, they are portable and easy to store.

Several reasons why it has turned to be a favorite among many people include:

Comfort and adjustability: Inside its headband portion, a soft cushioned lining sits ready to gently rub down your skin.  And the way earpieces revolve around the metal break clearly means that it can fit nicely into different head sizes.

Noise reduction: Users with kids who don them remark that their kids love how the earmuff feels and look, besides doing a great job at keeping out unnecessary noise. Some adults even wear them at workplaces or at home when busy doing something on the computer to keep the noise coming from kids or other places away.

Variety to pick from: You can own them in whichever color you want, from pink, black and green to yellow, purple, aqua blue, blue, name it, which is a great addition to many of us sensitive to our tastes.

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Pro Ears ReVo Passive Baby Ear Protectors


Pro Ears ReVo was made with children and smaller adults in mind. The cups are small but on them, they have ear pads designed with care and skill such that they get rid of gaps in the seal that covers the ear. For this reason, it fits in heads of all sizes and gives excellent hearing protection.

Build quality: Pro Ears is known for creating stronger and  bigger earmuffs and it’s with the same zeal and skill they create the ReVos for kids. All the materials that go into creating it are of high quality and besides, they last longer and sustain tough environments.

Noise reduction: ReVos are a perfect pick when you set out to tour shooting places or places with fireworks. Overall, it’s a great choice for moderate noise environments. And putting in mind how they firmly they fit into the ears without leaving any gaps, you no longer need to keep checking on your kids between shots or the loud fireworks.

Safe: Safety has also been put into consideration. ReVos doesn’t feature any metallic parts so your kids will be safe even if it breaks as it won’t scratch or badly hurt them.

Not to forget the additional foam cushioning that not only adds comfort but also reduces potential gaps from foaming around your ears.  ReVos has a noise reduction rate (NRR) of 25.

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BEBE Muff Hearing Baby Ear Protection

If you have a baby aged anywhere between 3 months and 2 years, and you intend for them to have great earmuffs, then you will find great comfort and satisfaction in BEBE Muff Hearing Protection.

Comfort: With its unisex design, you can own them without the discomfort of figuring out whether they are a perfect fit for your boy or girl. To further enhance this comfort, the headband which is also adjustable, has been well cushioned and padded to make it snugly as well.

Noise reduction: With a noise reduction rate of 25dB, you can worry less about your fussy friends or relatives, or a noisy riot when your baby has them while sleeping.

Variety to pick from: BEBE Muff Hearing Protection comes in two colors- white and blue, and so you’ll have it easy time making a decision as to which one you should own.

One thing we can never fail to mention about this product is that they are a result of long scientific research and to add on that, they have been tested and found to be safe for kids and babies.

Hopefully you will find a pair of headphones that will suit you and your kid. Remember that everyone’s head is shaped differently so what’s comfortable for one person might not be as comfortable another. The most important thing is to find a model that fits your baby.

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    Also know it’s important to get these before you need them and break your little ones into wearing them in small chunks of time. If you try for the first time at the next concert or sporting event they may not want to keep them on at all!

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