Top 5 PayPal Alternatives

Best Paypal Alternatives

If you are an avid user of internet payment system PayPal but would like to try out other options, you’re at the right place. In this article I am going to write about 5 popular PayPal alternatives which can be used as an online wallet or account.

It’s not a secret or anything that a lot of users actually hate PayPal, me included. Their hefty fee and ever changing policies have made me want to never use PayPal again. But to be frank a lot of the websites we know doesn’t support any other payment processors than PayPal.  I hope this article will help others like me, who never knew about the many already popular payment processors which can be used instead of PayPal.

Amazon Payments

Amazon has started their payment processor back in 2007 and as of now it is a very popular PayPal alternative. Their transaction rate/fee starts at 2.9% plus $.30 cents.

Google Wallet

Google has also created their online payment processing service variant not so long ago in 2011. The service was only available in US at first but then it was rolled out for more regions. As of now Google’s mobile operating system android uses Google Wallet for checking out applications and games from its apps store known as “Play Store”. Considering the popularity of Android, it’s obvious that Google Wallet is here to stay as one of the most secure payment processors.Google wallet has a mobile app too which enables you to do a lot more things when compared with the web version. Google Mobile Wallet is only available for US users. US users of Google Wallet are also able to send money as attachments using Gmail.

This is another payment processor like PayPal but a really old one. This one has been around in the world of online business from 1996. is said to be the world’s most heavily used payment portal. The team behind this company has received the Achievement in Customer Excellence award 5 years in a row and does business with over 375,000 merchants.


Formerly Money Bookers, Skrill is also a very popular payment processor like PayPal. Skrill concentrates on enabling users to send and receive money between their users without much hassle. But with their free set ups and availability of the feature to send money of any currency to anywhere in the world it comes very close to PayPal.


Formerly known as AlertPay, Payza lets you send or receive money from 190+ countries. They support transactions between 21 currencies too. For adding funds to your Payza account, you will be able to use bank transfer, credit card, receiving money from other users and request money through invoices.

 I hope this helps you in your endeavour to find the best PayPal alternative for your online needs. If you have used any of these services, please let others know about your experiences by commenting below.

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