Try Out The Firefox OS by Downloading The Firefox OS Simulator Addon from Mozilla

Firefox OS Simulator Control Panel
Firefox OS Simulator Control Panel

Mozilla has released a Firefox addon which can help you to try out the Firefox OS itself on your computer. The Firefox OS Simulator has been released as an addon in the Mozilla’s Addons Central. The simulator can be used a s a test environment for the Firefox OS in which you will be able to test apps for the OS just like a mobile system.

Mozilla says this is a complete simulation of the Firefox OS system which includes the default apps and settings which they give out on a real device with Firefox OS. The addon is a 50 MB file and is supposed to a quite a long time to install and the browser might become unresponsive.

Sometimes it takes so long that Firefox’s Unresponsive Script dialog appears. If that happens, press the Continue button to let Firefox continue installing the add-on. It will eventually succeed.

The addon description says.

After the installation you could start the simulator by going to Web Developer > Firefox OS Simulator where all the features of it is accessible.

I would have preferred a standalone simulator to this one we would have had more control over the simulator. Anyway I haven’t tried it yet, so cannot comment on its performance and features yet. I will be updating this page as I try it out and ready to tell about its features and performance.

Updated: Just now I downloaded and installed it and I must say I am impressed with the performance and speed of the OS. It didn’t even feel like the OS was running on a simulator. Here are some screenshots to feast your eyes if you haven’t installed it yet!

Has anyone already tried the Firefox OS? If so let us know what do you think about it by commenting here.

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