Turkey’s Twitter ban overturned

Turkey Twitter Ban

The Turkish governments ban on Twitter was always going to be a losing battle with tech-savvy citizens finding workarounds easily. However, not content with losing out to their cizitens, the ban has also now been on the losing end of the Turkish According to a report from the Hürriyet Daily News, a Turkish court has issued a “stay of execution” on the government’s order. This basically means that the ban should be lifted until judges have a chance to weigh up the complaints lodged against it.

Shortly after the court ruling, Twitter has come forward to confirm that it was one of the parties that filed a complaint. In a post on the company’s official blog, Twitter General Counsel Vijaya Gadde said that earlier today, the company filed petitions for lawsuits in an attempt permanently overturn the country-wide access ban. While it awaits a response, Twitter said it has also begun using its “Country Withheld Content” tool for the first time in the country, hiding tweets belonging to a user who the public prosecutor believes could be in danger.

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