Uber bought part of the Bing Maps

Uber, the American international transportation network company which develops, markets and operates the Uber mobile app (source: Wikipedia), recently moved on to the purchase of the technology that Bing maps are based on, while at the same time rumour has it that the same company will give job to 100 former Microsoft employees.

The terms of the agreement between Uber and Microsoft’s Bing maps have not been revealed to the public view, even though it’s more than obvious that Uber is not particularly interested in the field of imaging location on a map. Uber seems to be focusing on the procedure with which Bing created its maps, while the 100 former Microsoft employees that will soon be working for Uber belong to the data collection department.

According to the confirmation on TechCrunch’s news, which revealed that Uber and Microsoft have come to some kind of deal with the simultaneous exchange of expertise and other crucial information, without letting us know, what kind of information that will be.

As “The Next Web” estimates, Microsoft does not seem to be willing to boost any further the Bing Maps, since the company now used Nokia’s Here, so it’s more likely to give the data from its map database to Uber, as well as all the pictures from the Street View, and the 3D pictures from various points of interest.

Uber, on the other hand, wants to create an improved maps service that will escort its pack of other services. And to be honest, in case Uber gets the deal and achieves its goal (and up until now, everything seems to be going as Uber wants), the company will gain a lot of ground on its field and become more competitive than ever.

In case you are not familiar with the company’s app, Uber (the app) allows consumers with smartphones to submit a trip request which is then routed to sharing economy drivers.

We sure hope it all works out for the best between the two companies. After all, they both seem to be winning something and losing nothing – which raises our interests, given that there only a few times, when an agreement is mutually beneficial for all parties.

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