Ubuntu Edge funding fails


Despite the funding reaching an all time high for the IndieGoGo fundraising site, the project sadly did not reach it’s target of $32 million. The project did however manage to reach $12.8 million which is a great figure to be able to fund-raise for an idea not yet out or even fully developed. Nearly 20,00 people believed in the device which is outstanding and really can help push this dream into a reality with some more efforts and work. Companies  like Bloomberg LP gave $80,000 and several smaller businesses contributed $7,000 each.

The great news is that this has shown the market for a Ubuntu phone and you can expect other phones developed by Ubuntu to launch in 2014. The edge did look really impressive however the funding was much more than has ever been reached before on a site like this. Thankfully this has been a great advertisement for what Ubuntu can do though and it has lead to extended talks with some major manufactures and some of the world’s biggest mobile networks already signed up to the Ubuntu Carrier Advisory Group.

Because Ubuntu decided to run a fixed campaign, all money will be returned to the backers and Ubuntu will not see a penny. The experience has taught the people behind the project a lot though and it has lead them to keep working to make the dream a reality. This market really does need something new and different than the Apple and Android phones and that has been proved by the press coverage and support across the web for this smartphone.

The project funding was for a total of 30 days and in that time they managed to top the maximum funding for a project, which was previous held by the Pebble smartwatch that raised $10.2 last year. The idea was to create the Ubuntu Edge, a smartphone that was different than any others currently on the market.


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