Ubuntu Phones to come later in 2014, partners announced

ubuntu-phone-threeFinally Canonical has confirmed that Ubuntu Phones will launch some time later in 2014. As of now a couple of hardware manufacturers are signed up with them to launch devices running Ubuntu Phone OS. Meizu and BQ Readers are the two manufactures who will be launching the device at first. Engadget reports that more info about the device will be unveiled at the MWC which is due this weekend. As of now there are no information about the availability, pricing or the release date. The list of carriers on which the device will come is also a mystery as of now.

The manufacturers Canonical which was chosen for the time being are from two different countries and none of them have worldwide market. BQ Reader is from Spain and Meizu is from China. The reason for this is in Shuttleworth words, “part of the reason these two particular companies were chosen was because of their “tactical” method for delivering handsets to specific markets with carefully targeted features and specs.”

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