Ubuntu smartphones on hold until 2014

The Google Nexus 4 and the Galaxy Nexus are the only phone we will see powered by the Ubuntu smart phone OS for the year, as we will not be seeing any official Ubuntu phones until at least 2014.

Smart phones powered by the Ubuntu software was set to launch in October of this year, but have now been put back until the first quarter of 2014. A delay was not needed as we gear up for a whole year of other releases such as the new Galaxy S4 and knowing Apple, another iPhone. Like their predecessors, they are no doubt going to be selling a lot. But releases will make it much harder for rival platforms, such as Ubuntu, to establish a foothold in the already crowded smart phone industry.

Such a delay can cause problems for new platforms; you only have to look at how Microsoft Windows phone is struggling for a slice of the market after coming late to the party.

Ubuntu OS for smart phones is a new operating system which is based on the popular Linux distribution, there is also a version for tablets with the idea being that different versions of the code are close enough to allow apps and features to work across all of your gadgets.

Ubuntu Smart Phone OS
Ubuntu Smart Phone OS

Despite the phone not being available until at least next year, you can still get your hands on the software as it will be made available in October of this year.

However, if you’re desperate to get your hands on it now, you can try out the Ubuntu OS on the Nexus 4 or the Galaxy Nexus. You can even preview the tablet version of the OS on your Google Nexus 7 or even your Nexus 10.

What do you think about this? Is a delay can cost Ubuntu a slice of the smart phone market? Let us know below in the comments or let other us know on our Facebook page.

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