UK criminals now use drones to steal your illegal weed crops

Gone are the times when you had only police and authorities to be afraid of when you’re doing something illegal. A news report from the UK shows how criminals are using drones to find out the illegal weed crops and then steal it. The news comes from local paper Halesowen News and says criminals are now using heat-sensing drones to pull off “sophisticated” heists of weed farms in the United Kingdom. Read what one of the aspiring weed hijackers has to tell.

It is not like I’m using my drone to see if people have nice televisions. I am just after drugs to steal and sell. If you break the law, then you enter me and my drone’s world.

Sometimes this turns violent and there is nothing the people with weed crops can do really. After all they were doing illegal things too and considering that they can’t even complain to the police about the whole mess they have to deal with. When we look into it it makes the perfect sense, the crooks are simply stealing from you something which you don’t want the government to know that you have. Tom Watson, chair of a Parliamentary group said:

“This … story shows the proliferation of drone technology which can be used for both good and bad.”

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