UK LulzSec members plead guilty to attacking CIA and Sony

Four British men, aged 18 to 25 have all pleaded guilty at Southwark Crown Court in London. The charges they have pleaded guilty to include attacks on sites such as the CIA and UK crime agencies. The men also pleaded guilty to being behind the hacking of more than 70 million Sony accounts back in 2011.

[medianetadv]Jake Davis, 20 from the Shetland Isles –Who was known as Topiary- ran the groups Twitter account and was their main representative. Mustafa Al-Bassam,18 from Peckham was a minor when he was original arrested on the same charges, was known as T-Flow. Ryan Ackroyd, 26, from Mexborough in South Yorkshire, used the persona of 16-year-old girl Kayla, according to the Yorkshire Post.

Ryan Cleary, 21, of Wickford in Essex, also pleaded guilty to separate charges including hacking into US Air Force computers at the Pentagon, the BBC reports.

The four will be sentenced next month.

LulzSec shot into the limelight in the summer of 2011 as a splinter group of Anonymous. They hacked the front page of The Sun’s website to publish fake stories, notably saying that media mogul Rupert Murdoch was dead and another on the American PBS network’s site claiming that Tupac Shakur was alive. They also posted information they stole from Nintendo and published details of US hack attempts against Libyan infrastructure at the height of the Arab Spring.

However, the most damaging attack they were responsible for was the one against Sony and its PlayStation Network. More than 70 million users’ account details were stolen, including that of PSN and Sony Online members. The incident led to Sony shutting down the PS3’s online feature for an entire month, much to the anger of gamers worldwide.



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