UK net address company shut down in protest at Government

A UK body which was set up to oversee the shift to the Internet’s new addressing system (IPv6) has been shut down in protest at what it describes as ‘government indifference’.

The lack of support from the government means that 6UK’s work was essentially useless according to the former director of the body. The organisation was set-up to advise ISP’s and companies which were concerned about the move from IPv4 to IPv6. Because of the governments’ indifference, the UK is one of the countries to have done the least to move to IPv6.

“The biggest organisation we needed to join 6UK was the government,” said Philip Sheldrake, former director of the organisation

The government gave 6UK £20,000 to help it start back in 2010 but since then has washed its hands of the body. Sheldrake said that nothing has been done to mandate the new protocol, which would have greatly helped to speed up the adoption of IPv6.

Europe reached its limit of IPv4 web addresses back in September which prompted rationing, the likes of which not seen since World War 2! IPv6 is the new standard which will allow for 340 trillion, trillion, trillion web addresses. IPv4 only allowed 4.2 billion web addresses.

IPv4 was conceived back in the 1960’s and was standardized in 1980, back when 4.2 billion web addresses seemed like the biggest number anyone could ever think of. Ah, the old days.

This doesn’t square with its enthusiasm for tech initiatives like Tech City, according to Sheldrake. “If you were going to evangelise Tech City and the UK as a digital hub to the world you probably want to be building that on the modern Internet protocol,” he said.

For a country which invented the internet, we’re far behind many other countries. Let us know your thoughts and opinions below.

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