Unity Xbox One support ‘later this year’

The game development software, Unity, will gain the support of the Xbox One ‘later this year’.

This is as confirmed by Unity Technologies CEO David Helgason in a recent interview that took place with the Official Xbox Magazine UK.


He said that whilst the development kit will support high-end features that will get the most out of the Xbox One’s additional power, the development process will be as simple as possible for developers that use the Unity software.

“Depending on which platform there are different costs, but the fundamental thing is that the tools themselves are the same,” he said.

“And once you build what you want to build you can just export it directly. So now we’re adding, in collaboration with Microsoft, Xbox One support later this year and we also worked with them to make the Windows store export free,” Helgason¬†added.

“There is the toolset that we have been working on for many years that supports many platforms. From a technical perspective the idea is that you work on your game once and then you can bring it to any platform,” he said.

This was meant to comment on just how easy it will be to bring already developed games from other platforms to the Xbox One. This suggests that the engine may be used to bring many games across from platforms such as the PC to the Xbox One with ease.

“But we also make sure you can really make use of the hardware. So if you’re running a really high-end device, you want to go crazy with shaders, you want to go crazy with particle systems, you want to really use what is there.”

The Unity Xbox One support opens up massive opportunities for indie developers to get the game onto the Xbox with as little hassle as possible and should open the console up to a much wider set of games.


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