UnlimitedHand – The Next generation Virtual reality

People generally see what they believe. This is why the greatest technical minds have been researching to make VR or Virtual Reality better and more believable. But what if you could touch and feel a VR other than being able to see it? How would you differentiate between a reality and virtual reality that you could both see and touch? This is exactly what H2L claims to have developed – A VR controller that lets a user feel the happenings of a game and, of course, see it as well.

On the 22nd of September 2015, H2L launches the UnlimitedHand controller at Disrupt’s Startup Battlefield. UnlimitedHand controller is a very advanced haptic feedback armband that has a special way of communicating with the muscles in your arm that are responsible for controlling your fingers. They make the muscles mimic the onscreen actions.

This could potentially be the wildest experience for gamers yet. So far, VR was pretty cool as the gamer could see the virtual reality of the game. But this is something of a far greater level where along with seeing, you can feel the action. This brings gaming much closer to reality.

H2L’s founder Ken Iwasaki was never very impressed with the Virtual Reality gear that is found in the market today. He wanted something more out of the experience. The result of that want gave birth to the UnlimitedHand controller. Its prototype has been demonstrated to interested consumers. Emi Tamaki, H2L’s CTO says that the armband has been developed in a way such that gamers can actually feel objects inside a virtual reality that have no existence in reality. Makes me wonder about what the character Morpheus said in the movie The Matrix – “What is ‘real’? How do you define ‘real’?” If truly what we touch and see are electrical signals interpreted by our brain, then how could it really be virtual?

The Ulitimatehand controller does not have any analog control which might be a big turn off for professional gamers. However, that is a compromise that these VR companies are willing to make for developing future technologies. The controllers are almost purely based on motion sensors that map your movements.

UnlimitedHand’s look is being finessed right now by H2L. They are launching their Kickstarter today. The early birds to get their hands on the device would have to pay only $188. Shipping starts in May next year.