Unlock ANY iPhone – Major security alert found in iOS 6.1

Today, Apple has promised a swift update to their mobile operating system, iOS, after hackers found a way to unlock any iPhone running iOS 6.1. The hackers then uploaded a video detailing how to unlock the phone via a combination of buttons. This particular exploit makes it the third major bug to be found in iOS 6.1 and is yet another embarrassment for Apple.

The YouTube video in question explains how by pressing a simple combination of buttons, you can quickly bypass the password screen of any Apple iPhone. Once you have gone through the process, it opens the phone up to the main phone screen where it would be simple for any spying eyes to look at your calls, your messages, email and so on.

In a response to the tech site AllThingsD, Apple spokesman Trudy Miller acknowledged the vulnerability and said the company was working on a quick fix.

‘Apple takes user security very seriously. We are aware of this issue, and will deliver a fix in a future software update.’ she added.

Another recent bug on the same system was found to overload corporate email servers. Users trying to sync their contacts and emails found themselves being kicked off their company’s Microsoft Exchange servers and at the time of publishing, Apple are yet to publish a fix for this issue. Before the above, another bug was found which caused issues with the 3G network performance on the iPhone 4S. However, this bug was quickly fixed.

However, this is not the first time such a bug has been found. A similar trick was found to allow people the same kind of access on gadgets running  iOS 4.1, Gizmodo reported.  It took Apple a month to release the update which fixed that bug . Hopefully though, Apple will be much quicker this time around.

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