Unrestricted access to Huawei source code to Australian authorities

Huawei LogoAfter being barred from competing for Government contracts in Australia, Chinese Telecom giant Huawei is opening up its hardware and software and allowing Australia to look through its source code in a push for transparency and to dispel security fears. This comes months after the company was barred from supplying equipment for Australia’s broadband network.

The Australian government barred Huawei from bidding on contracts earlier this year stating that it ‘had a responsibility to do our utmost to protect [the networks] integrity’ and the information carried upon the network.

John Lord, the chairman of Huawei Australia said on Thursday that the company is going to attempt to dispel myths and misinformation.

Huawei has done a very poor job of communicating about ourselves and we must take full responsibility for that,” said Lord.

Huawei needs to be more open and plans to give the Australian authorities “complete and unrestricted access” to its hardware and software source code, the BBC reports.

In 2012, the company opened a security evaluation centre in Oxfordshire, England to allow the United Kingdom’s intelligence services to both test and examine Huawei’s equipment for security vulnerabilities or threats.

Despite doing this though, the company still faces scrutiny within the UK as the UK Parliaments intelligence and security committee said that it intends to investigate Huawei’s relationship with the UK telecom provider, BT, which uses equipment from Huawei.

Huawei is also under fire in the United States, along with another Chinese telecoms equipment maker ZTE after the lawmakers said that US businesses should not use technology from the companies as it could potentially pose a ‘national security threat’. In a 52 page report, it stated that the companies did not fully address concerns that were raised and neither company was forthcoming with information on their relationships with Chinese authorities.

Do you think giving Unrestricted access to Huawei source code will reduce the security risk to countries? If not, why do they not? Let us know below or in the comments.

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